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NEW BBQ Spice Rubs x 6 #11213004

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Pit Boss BBQ Spice Rub Variety x 6 Bottles


  • Pit Boss
  • BBQ Spice Rubs
  • Southwest - A savory BBQ rub with a Southwestern twist, the Pit Boss® Southwest Rub will turn your grill into an oasis of flavor. A balanced blend of sea salt, bell peppers, jalapeno and spices, try this rub on flank steak, shrimp skewers, kabobs and more! (11 oz)

  • Chicago - The northern powerhouse of barbecue, this Chicago BBQ Rub is a unique and versatile seasoning that you'll want to put on everything. A balanced savory blend of coriander, dill, cumin, rosemary and peppers, the Pit Boss® Chicago BBQ Rub goes great on beef, chicken, pork and more. (9 oz)

  • Kansas City - Bring legendary Kansas City-style barbecue to your home with the Pit Boss® Kansas City BBQ Rub. This finger-lickin’ blend features classic, peppery-smoke flavor and works for everything from beef, to ham, baby back ribs, sausage, burnt ends and more. Use it generously to coat your favorite meats in a dry rub or marinade. (10 oz)

  • Memphis - Inspired by the region known for its smoky-sweet dry rub, the Pit Boss® Memphis Style BBQ Rub will breathe new life into your smoked and grilled meats. This balanced blend of paprika, brown sugar, and garlic will add pitmaster-level flavor to ribs, chicken, pork shoulder and more. For the full experience pair with the Pit Boss® Memphis BBQ Sauce. (11.5 oz)

  • Carolina - Carolina-style BBQ is known for its sweet and tangy mustard-based flavors. Get that authentic pit flavor with this blend of mustard, garlic, vinegar, butter and hickory. The Pit Boss® Carolina BBQ Rub is the perfect base for pulled pork, grilled chicken or stirring into breading or baked goods. (9.5 oz)

  • Honey Sriracha - Sweet and spicy with a tangy twist, this blend of red peppers, garlic, honey and vinegar adds spicy sweet, tangy flavor to everything from wings to stir fry. Try the Pit Boss® Honey Sriracha Rub as a seasoning for steak, seafood, chicken and ribs. (13 oz)

  • ***Most of these have a "best-by" date of Winter to Summer of 2023***

6 Sealed Bottles of Spice Rub Total

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