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NEW PitMasters Hickory Jerky Kit #05224026

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Pit Boss PitMasters Hickory Jerky Kit


  • Pit Boss -Pitmasters-
  • Hickory Jerky Kit
  • Includes:
    • 3 seasoning packets each pre-measured for 5 LBS of meat
    • 3 cure packets each pre-measured for 5 LBS of meat

Show off the versatility of your grill or smoker with a Jerky Kit from Pit Boss Grills. Put away the dehydrator and go low and slow on your Pit Boss Grill to achieve bold, smoky flavor. Each kit comes complete with three seasoning and cure packets, enough to make three batches of jerky. Just add five pounds of your favorite lean meat, follow the simple step-by-step instructions, and you’re making a delicious smoked treat. All our ingredients are sourced, produced and processed in the United States, and come in three great flavors.

These kits are perfect for active outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to make your own jerky for camping, hiking, picnics or a day with the family. Take your Spring and Summer grill game to the next level with a Jerky Kit from Pit Boss Grills.

Total Net Weight:  12 OZ (340g)

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