Choosing the Best Canadian Firearms Gun Shop

There are many firearms gun shops to choose from in Canada and Extreme Range Outfitters desires to be the premium firearms shop in Canada.

The first suggestion is that you should check out the shipping options.  Is the gun store offering free shipping over a certain purchase amount?  Does the firearms store separate dangerous goods from standard shipping items?  Make sure the shipping policies are clearly laid out.

The next group of questions would include the number of high-quality Google reviews, Yelp reviews and social media reviews like Facebook reviews for the gun seller.

What do previous customers and current customers say about their experience with a certain firearms shop?  Especially look for feedback that outlines the experience when there was a potential disaster experience that ended up being successful because the firearms store was able to "make it right".

Firearms stores in Canada also need to keep up to date with RCMP requirements for restricted firearms and prohibited firearms.

Other questions you may wish to ask is the availability and expertise of staff from the store.  What is it like when you call, email or text a firearms business in Canada?  You should expect quick access to staff that are knowledgeable about your question or can quickly connect you with a firearms staff member that can.

Another characteristic of a great gun shop is fair trade-in value for used firearms and hunting accessories.  Does this gun shop offer an opportunity to sell or consign your guns at a fair price?  Some of the greatest long-range outfitters provide an auction that will sell your items with low seller fees and even no buyer fees.

In the end, look around at the 20+ gun shops in Canada that provide decent service and products and consider as your premium long-range shooting and firearms gun shop in Canada.

Happy Hunting and Shooting!