What is the difference between MIL & MOA?

It's all about angular measurements over a given distance - they're as different as mph & km/h.

  1. Minute of Angle (MOA) = 1 minute of angle
  2. Milliradian (MIL) = 1 milliradian

1 MOA equals 1 minute of angle and 1 MIL equals one milliradian. MOA and MIL are not a measurement of inches, feet, yards, centimeters or meters (linear measurements).

1 Degree equals 60 MOA, or 17.78 MILS. At a given distance of 100 yards, 1 MOA will equate to 1.047”. 1 Mil ill be equal to 3.6” That same 1 MOA and 1 Mil adjustment at 1,000 yards equals 10.47” and 36” respectively.

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