Auction Instructions

New Auction Item Pickup Policy

  • paid/picked up:
    • 0-7 days = free
    • 8-14 days = $20 handling charge
    • 15+ days = $50 charge and we're not responsible for your items

My Auctions Dashboard

  • Login to see items
  • Active Auctions: Items you are bidding on or watching. Place a bid or update your items all in one place. We suggest choosing an amount that serves as the highest amount you want to spend (also known as a max or proxy bid but labeled as "place bid" or "update bid")
  • Won Auctions: Items you have won. Click "buy now" to complete the transation. All items from your cart and items you have won are all gathered into your cart for checkout.
  • Lost Auctions: Items you've lost in the past.
    my auction screenshot

    • Item Banners
      • Green "Winning" Banner
      • Orange "Watch" Banner
      • Red "Losing" Banner
      winning losing watching banners

      • Popcorn Bidding
        • If there is a new highest bidder (higher proxy) on an item in the last 5 min then the auction for that item continues for another 5 min until no new highest bids are submitted for that auction item.

        • General Bidding
          • Login
          • Click Item
          • Fill in your bid & click "place bid" (this is your max bid / proxy)
          • To Change your Bid: Fill in a new amount and click "update bid"


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                • Filter by category (ie: Shotgun_Auction) and click "watch" on any item to add to My Auctions 

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