Selling Guns on Auction: How to Get Rid of Inherited Firearms

There are usually two types of people that are wanting to sell firearms. Those that are upgrading guns and those who just don't know what to do with guns they don't want.

The former situation is typically a person that has a valid Possession Acquisition License (P.A.L.) and the latter is one who has inherited guns they just don't want any more.  We have a solution for both people.

Now, as a quick but important aside, it is illegal, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) and your local police station, to travel with a firearm and not have a P.A.L.

So what is the solution to the unwanted weapons that are collecting dust in your basement?

Call us at 1-306-380-7363 or Fill Out Our Contact Form and we will walk you through your options. We auction off hundreds of hunting & shooting items every week and understand every gun law in Canada. Instead of surrendering valuable guns to the authorities we will legally & safely sell them for you on our auction.


How to Sell Firearms

1. Call to tell us the item you would like to sell. In most cases, we can verify if the gun or item is legally owned. If you're able to answer the questions, we are then able to confirm if the gun you want to sell is legal to own.

2. We arrange legal and safe transportation of your unwanted gun.

3. Let us know if you would like to receive store credit or cheque.

4. We put your item(s) on auction and you get to watch your unwanted firearm turn into cash.

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Laws around firearms

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) the following laws are in place:

You cannot transport a firearm without an appropriate permit.

You cannot transport a firearm without a P.A.L. or an exemption.

If your firearm has been acquired with the intention of reselling it, it must be either on a P.A.L., on a P.A.L. exemption or in a locked container.

If it is a restricted weapon, you must apply for and obtain an exemption for it.

If it has been acquired for the legal hunting, sport or civilian use of it, it must have a restriction certificate.

If you are shipping a firearm to another party, be aware that it must be properly packaged and mailed by an authorized commercial shipper. There are strict regulations for shipping firearms by air.


What Happens When You Sell Firearms

Everything you need to know before you sell a gun!

Once you have submitted the list of guns and sellers to us, we begin the auction process by informing the sale of the firearm. This can take anywhere from one week to two months depending on the type of firearm and type of firearm buyer that you are trying to sell to. If the process takes longer than a week, we will contact you to tell you when the auction will be finished and what has become of your firearm.

How Much Can a Federal Firearms License Holder Auction Firearms For?

The answer is… it's up to the buyer and the Buyer has to go through a legal process before any money is paid. They will need to have a valid Possession Acquisition License (P.A.L.) to buy and sell firearms, in Canada. You can also head over to our auction here and take a look at what current items and past items are valued at according to current demand.

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Selling Firearms on an Auction

If you are looking to sell a firearm it is most likely that you are wanting to sell it to a legal entity (of which we are). We setup the process of safe and legal transport of your firearm to our warehouse in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and upon completion of the auction the following week we send you a cheque for the final auction price minus the seller fees found here.

We, the licensed dealer, are responsible for the safekeeping and legal sale of the firearm(s).


So what is the best option to get rid of your firearms?  Instead of surrendering it to the local authorities why not cash in by legally and safely following our instructions for transportation and auction and enjoy the benefit of exchanging your anxiety for cash!

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