Auction and Consignment Seller Rules

Want to Auction, Consign or Trade-In Long-Range Shooting, Hunting, Firearms or anything else that you no longer have a need for?

Bring it in! We have low seller fees that vary based on whether you want cash or store credit. There are NO buyers fees on our auctions. See full set of seller rules below:

  • 5% Sellers fee if the seller takes store credit and the item sells for over $100.
  • 15% Sellers fee if seller takes cash for the amount the item sells for items that sell over $100
  • 25% Seller Fee for items that sell under $100.
  • Minimum $10 Seller Fee
  • If you win your own auction, you will be charged $25 and 20% of the total.
  • Minimum charge of $30 for removing items on consignment
  • We do not resell items on our Auction or Consignment for 90 days.
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny items to go on auction or consignment
  • We advertise the actual condition of the items
  • We hold seller payments for 7 days to make sure all buyer transactions are finalized