New Shipping Fees Beginning March 20th, 2022

Overview (CAN & USA)



CAN: $25, $50, $75 & $115  ||  Read "Specifics (Can)" below for more details on new, used, dangerous goods & shipping maximums.

CAN: Free Shipping  ||  On new, non-dangerous, non-auction items over $200. Read more below.

UNITED STATES: 600+ US Items Here

USA: ITEMS: we ship most items for $75 max (except we DO NOT ship dangerous goods such as firearms, powder, ammo, primers or aerosols). Note: very large, non-dangerous items will incur addition shipping charges. Click here for the list of items we ship.

USA: CHECKOUT: choose "Canada" & choose $75 shipping option. We will change the country to USA on our end and ship out your order. 

USA: SPECIAL ORDER: call 1-306-380-7363 or email.

Specifics (CAN)

Shipping Costs: shipping is calculated in your cart before payment.

We have 4 classes of products we ship and they have different shipping rules applied based on what is in your cart. You can see the shipping fees associated to each product class below (1 - New Store Items, 2 - Auction and Used Guns, 3 - Auction and Used Items - not guns, 4 - Powder and Ammunition)

When classes of items are mixed in your cart, or you have multiple items of one class in your cart, we have flat rate shipping maximums that apply which allows you to add anything else to your cart without inquiring further shipping costs.

Shipping Maximums

New Items from the store 

Flat rate maximum of $25 Shipping on all new hunting, long-range shooting, etc. items in your cart including new store firearms. Shipping on new items is free if your cart is over $200 or if you have any other product classes shipping fees. For example, if you are shipping an auction item, you can add any new store item to your Auction Shipping order and the new items ship with your auction items with no extra shipping charges.

Used items, Auction Items and Ammo/Powder 
Max $115 Shipping (Ammo or Powder present in cart)
Max $75 Shipping (No ammo or powder present in cart)

USA: We do not ship Ammo, Powder, Primers or Firearms


Product Classes

1) New Store Items

For new items in your cart, we have free shipping on the new items if the value of the new items total $200+ . If the total value of the new items is under $200, we charge a flat rate of $25 for the new items.

NOTE: The free shipping over $200 does not apply to any of the used or auction products in your cart. See below for Used and Auction Guns and Items. There are also example carts and shipping values at the bottom of this page.

New Items Total Value Shipping Fee
$50 $25
$199.99 $25
$200+ FREE Shipping

USA: We do not ship Ammo, Powder, Primers or Firearms

2) Used or Auction GUNS

For all Used guns or Auction Guns, we charge $50 shipping for the first gun and any additional guns is maxed at $75. We do not ship these to USA.

 # Used or Auction Guns Shipping Fee
1 $50
2 $75
3 $75
4 $75

3) Used or Auction ITEMS (not guns)

For all other Used or Auction items that are not guns, we charge $25 for the first item and $10 for each additional item to a maximum of $75.

 # Used or Auction item (not gun) Shipping Fee
1 $25
2 $35
3 $45
4 $55
5 $65
6 $75
7 $75


4) Ammunition and Powder

Shipping rates for Ammunition and Powder is a flat rate of $50.

New Items Total Value Shipping Fee
1 items $50
2 items $50
etc. $50


Examples with New and Used/Auction (CANADA)

1) One New Store Item of $50 = $25 Shipping

2) One New Store Item over $200 = FREE Shipping

3) 4 New Store Items of $50 ($200 total cart value) = FREE Shipping

4) One Auction Gun (value has no impact) = $50 Shipping

5) Two Auction Guns (total value has no impact) = Max $75 Shipping

6) Three Auction Guns (total value has no impact) =  Max $75 Shipping

7) 1 Auction Gun and 1 Auction Item(non Gun) (total value has no impact) = Max $75 Shipping ($50 + $25)

8) 2 Auction Guns and 2 Auction Items (total value has no impact) = Max $75 Shipping

9) 1 Auction Gun + 1 Auction Item + 1 New Item (value $50) = Max $75 Shipping

10) 1 Auction Gun + 1 Auction Item + 1 New Items (Free Shipping) = Max $75 Shipping

11) 1 Auction Gun + 1 Auction Item + 3 New Items (Total Value $150) + AmmunitionMax $115 (with ammo/powder

12) 1lbs Powder New Item + 1 Auction Item + 1 New Item(Free Shipping) = $75 Shipping

13) 5 Auction Items + 1 New Item(Free Shipping) + 1 box Ammo = Max $115 Shipping


5) Return & Refund Policy

All unopened and unused long-range shooting, hunting, etc. items are eligible for return and refund within 15 days of purchase minus the cost of shipping (if applicable) and a $15 restocking fee.