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Brushless Lead Remover

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Sharp Shoot R Precision "No Lead" Brushless Lead Remover

NO-LEAD which will safely clean firearms, without brushing, of lead deposits and lead scale wherever it is deposited on the firearm.

We are determined to make the best cleaning equipment possible and to address all problems that are encountered in the shooting sports.

There are thousands of shooters who use nothing other than lead or lead alloy bullets. Whether you are a Cowboy Action Shooter, a Combat Shooter, a Black Powder Shooter, or you Reload and Cast your own bullets – you will love “NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover .

It has been an established fact that lead scale and deposits will destroy firearm accuracy. Deposits of lead can be the most difficult to remove of all types of fouling. Endless brushing to remove lead deposits has a counterproductive effect on barrel life. With this in mind we developed a product “NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover , which is superior to any lead removing product on the market.

NO-LEAD’ ™ Brushless Lead Remover ™ has these great features:

1.”NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover ™ is a clear WATER THIN PRODUCT that will dissolve lead and lead alloys without brushing.

2.”NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover ™ is safe to use both for the firearm and the shooter. It will not cause corrosion.

3.”NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover ™ has a unique action that causes it to turn to a CHALKY GRAY as it dissolves lead. When the color does not change from the clear red color: that means all the lead has been dissolved.

4. “NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover ™ is easy to apply: simply coat the area which has lead fouling, with a patch or a mop and allow it to set for 20 minutes. Then patch out the dissolved lead deposits. Then apply one application of WIPE-OUT ™ Brushless Bore Cleaner to remove any traces of carbon and powder fouling.

5.”NO-LEAD” ™ Brushless Lead Remover ™ is packaged conveniently in an 8 ounce squeeze bottle that has a  top to keep the bottle contents from leaking.

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