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The MDT XRS is a new hybrid system which blends the traditional rifle stock feel with the advantages of a modern chassis. This system is revolutionary in design. It offers the best of both worlds for shooters.

Crafted for shooters who crave the classic contours of a conventional rifle stock without compromising on modern precision, the XRS Chassis boasts a meticulously engineered design. Its foundation lies in a solid, CNC machined core of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, clad with rugged textured polymer panels to shield against the elements. The aluminum V-block bedding system ensures impeccable alignment, optimizing the accuracy of any rifle action it houses. Plus, with a replaceable over-molded grip system—featuring both an angled and vertical grip included—the XRS Chassis offers versatility tailored to individual preferences.

Experience unparalleled adaptability with the most advanced crossover stock available. Whether enhancing the performance of a factory rifle or laying the groundwork for a custom build, the XRS Chassis delivers. Weighing just 3.9lbs (depending on inlet), it's perfectly suited for both hunting excursions and precision shooting.

Tailor your setup effortlessly with adjustable length of pull, ranging from 13.25” to 15+”, and a swift-adjust cheek piece to accommodate varying scope heights. Embracing standard AICS pattern magazines, the XRS boasts an intuitive ambidextrous magazine latch and a generously sized 12” M-LOK compatible forend, ready for accessory mounting and attachment of ARCA or picatinny rails.

Extreme Range Outfitters is the premier seller for MDT XRS Canada, peculiarly crafted for Canadian shooters. Shop Now!

Currently available for Remington 700 SA, Remington 783 SA, Savage SA, Tikka SA and HOWA 1500 SA rifles.

 Details Specifications Compatibility
  • Traditional Feel with Modern Benefits:

    • Ergonomics similar to traditional rifle stocks
    • M-LOK forend, adjustable buttstock, V-Block bedding
    • AICS magazine compatibility, free-floating barrel
  • Hand Placement & Comfort:

    • Interchangeable vertical and angled grips for ideal hand placement
    • Polymer side panels resistant to temperature changes
  • Customizable Configuration:

    • Suitable for competition, hunting, plinking, or range use
    • Optional accessories for enhanced performance and customization
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum core
  • Robust polymer panels for added durability
  • 12” M-LOK compatible forend for accessory versatility
  • Adjustable length of pull starting at 13", expandable with spacers
  • Customizable cheek rest height
  • Compatible with barrels up to 1.25" diameter
  • Supports AICS pattern .223 or .308 Short Action magazines
  • Includes interchangeable vertical and angled grips
  • Weight: 3.9lbs
  • Remington 700 (Short & Long Action)
  • Savage (Short Action, Long Action CIP)
  • Tikka T3/T3X (Short Action), Tikka T1X
  • Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard (Short Action)
  • CZ 457, CZ 455
  • Ruger American (Short Action)


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